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A Full-Service Design Firm, with luxurious projects in enviable Southern California and Italy. Firm spans architecture to custom furniture and beyond, Xander Noori interiors are assembled around comfort, beauty, and quality all rooted in Global inspiration. They balance form and function with interiors that enhance clients’ lives. Xander and Keon partner with architects, developers, builders and artisans creating a vision for each project that is fresh, youthful and unexpected. Catering to each client, our interiors embody Ultimate Luxury.

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Principal, Creative Director

Principal, Managing Director

Xander’s eye for clean original styling and love of Global discovery imbues everything he touches, from full environments to furniture and industrial design. His fresh approach has cumulated in a modern lifestyle brand while designing furniture, lighting and fixtures for well-known major heritage luxury brands across the home furnishings spectrum. An architect of furniture and product design.

Keon thrives on inspiration from his family heritage, far East cultural history and European adventures which he infuses into everything he touches. His greatest passion is to ‘positively affect change in our clients’

day-to-day lives’ with subtle nuances to their built environment. A dreamer and a doer with a true vision as a leader and business-savvy creative.

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"...the truth is, we inspire each-other" -Xander Khajavi-Noori

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