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Architect: Pelican Developers Inc.

Interior Design: Xander Noori

Landscape Design: Daniel Stewart

Photography: Hamid Arabani

A reimagined Grand Ole’ Millennial style Tuscan Villa nestled in the hills of Shady Canyon Originally designed and built in the mid 2000’s, the home was ripe for renovation. We brought a modern cadence to the estate by lightening up the palette, installing new technologies and integrating soft modern furnishings. Original limestone, and walnut wood floor restoration and refinishing brought every surface to life!

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Somewhere between minimalism and maximalism, we sought a new balance.

The property was already steeped with Tuscan rich details, and so we paired them back -taking cues from modernism and peppering them throughout. The result of old world meets new age is Simply Splendid!

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Paying homage to heirloom pieces while celebrating modern design for the way we live today; We interrogated celebrated antiques with contemporary of a moment furniture.


The villa also features a boutique wine vineyard on the grounds and a resort style pool and spa.

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