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Color Me This, Color Me That

Source: Americas Mart Atlanta

MAY 9, 2018 -drichison

Designers dish on the their go-to colors

In interior design, the use of color as a creative and symbolic instrument has been very effective. Whether used to convey emotion or mood, to represent nature and natural elements, or simply to draw attention, color is and will always be a powerful part of the industry.

See what colors these amazing designers use color to bring their projects to life.

What are your go-to colors?

Xander Noori:

For me, color is more about pairing. While I don’t have a single go-to shade, I tend to look at spaces in palette combinations … Nude, Saffron, Azure or Creamsicle, Cerulean, Evergreen – all beautiful on a white canvas. It’s about how the colors flirt with each other.


Amy Ferrer:

White, creams, grays and blues.


Alicia Mooney:


All shades of blues, grays and whites.


Cheryl Adams:


Bold colors like yellow, emerald green, cobalt blue, fuchsia, and the metallics–silver and gold.


Justin Shaulis:


Primarily, I work with families, and I enjoy working with neutrals as a base and color as accents – especially when it comes to art—that can evolve as the family grows.


Julia Buckingham:


Currently, turquoise blue, lime green and lemon yellow.


Glen Boudreaux:


I don’t have go-to colors because every project is different. We cater our color palettes to the project, so that each of our projects are different, but that the client is comfortable in their color palette designed specifically for them.

Read more about these designers in the upcoming issue of AmericasMart HOME.

Find your color inspiration at The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market this July.

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