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High Point Market || Summer/Fall 2018 Style Report

Source: High Point Market

June 2018

A look into where home fashion is heading, from our 2018 Style Spotters


One of my favorite stand out trends from Market is curve-shaped upholstery. Of course, we’ve all seen it done over the years, but it’s now more relevant than ever. The intentional blend of masculinity and femininity is happening in every creative category: why not furniture? When my team and I approach a room, we are essentially creating balance, and therefore harmony, via shapes. The sexy, curved back Xander Noori bed from Theodore Alexander and sloping arm chair by Adriana Hoyos not only diversify shapes, but enter the room already balanced. When I’m presenting furniture for client approval, the curved pieces usually stand out as more special or interesting and always make the final cut.


Michel Smith Boyd

Twitter: @michelboyd
Instagram: @michelboyd


Theodore Alexander

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